Monday, 7 September 2015

TPA # 010: Super Starhawk

Welcome to [B]Episode Ten of The Prep Area[/B]!  Hosts RJ ([B]RJRETRO[/B]) and Patrick ([B]Shadowmeld[/B]) are weekly!  Shadowmeld had a quick turn-around this week, but boy, did he bring the goods!

We've built two teams built around the rare Starhawk from the Age of Ultron set.  First, our economy team is called "Guardians", which features many a character from the hit blockbuster film.  Secondly, we are debuting Swarmhawk -- a team that hits super hard, and super fast.  It's a lot-o-fun.

[B]Necromanticer[/B] is back with "Off the Meta", featuring a character that doesn't get much love, Juggernaut!  Also, [b]Isaac continues his "Transition Zone" segment which looks at improving your game.

Our amazing art was supplied by the official artist of The Prep Area, [B]Nick Sutphin[/B]!  Follow him on Twitter at [URL=""]@Sutphin51[/URL], or check out his Facebook [URL=""]here[/URL], or his Deviantart [URL=""]here[/URL]!

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