Monday, 31 August 2015

TPA # 009: Masks, Masks & More Masks!

Welcome to [B]Episode Nine of The Prep Area[/B]!  Hosts RJ ([B]RJRETRO[/B]) and Patrick ([B]Shadowmeld[/B]) are going weekly!  Come along for the ride!  This week, we have two teams matching our theme -- "Maskers of Manipulation" and "Merry Masks and Pippin"!  [b]JT[/b] did a masks team last week, while we did an undead theme last week, so this week he is doing an undead team based on the Care Bears!  (Or the villains, anyway...)

[b]Necromanticer[/b] looks to make me happy by proving the worth of Booster Gold in "Off the Meta" while [b]dave[/b] joins The Prep Area team by moving the award-winning* "Six Pack" to our show!

Once again, our amazing art was supplied by the official artist of The Prep Area, [B]Nick Sutphin[/B]!  Follow him on Twitter at [URL=""]@Sutphin51[/URL], or check out his Facebook [URL=""]here[/URL], or his Deviantart [URL=""]here[/URL]!

As always, check out our forums, find some people to play online and more by heading over to:

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