Monday, 20 July 2015

TPA # 006: Taste the Rainbow

Welcome to Episode Six of the Prep Area! Hosts RJ (RJRETRO) and Patrick (Shadowmeld) are back to celebrate a certain person's birthday with a focus on their favourite type of birthday cake: confetti cake!  Get ready to taste the rainbow with two teams this week focusing on Prismatic Spray -- the uncommon and rare versions!  Also, 2015 Canadian Dice Masters National Champion jthomash2 joins us to talk about his first-ever Little Cup team that focuses very heavily on sidekicks.  Finally, Necromanticer gives Shadowmeld a gift by using his "Off the Meta" segment to showcase one of Shadow's favourite comic book characters ever: Nightcrawler!

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Monday, 6 July 2015

TPA # 005: So Many Avengers!

Welcome to Episode Five of the Prep Area! Hosts RJ (RJRETRO) and Patrick (Shadowmeld) showcase a team that... RJ... made?  It's not even half-bad!  We take a look at a new meta that helps you get some extra exercise in if you want, and Shadowmeld designs a West Coast Avengers team!  Plus, more words from 2015 Latverian Dice Masters National Champion Dr. Count Von Homash, and Necromanticer returns to take us Off the Meta!

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