Monday, 21 September 2015

TPA #12 : Red, Warth & Blue

Welcome to [B]Episode Twelve of The Prep Area[/B]!  Hosts RJ ([B]RJRETRO[/B]) and Patrick ([B]Shadowmeld[/B]) have two teams with a common character: the Rare Warth from War of Light!

First, we show you "Wonderdead".  This team involves some heavy trapping, and should be a ton-o-fun to play!

Secondly, we tackle the Heroic mechanic with a team we called "Hope & Liberty".  Warth and Captain America teaming up?  Better believe it!

Also on this program, [b]Dave[/b] returns to do another Six Pack, [b]IsaacBV[/b] takes us into The Transition Zone and Shadowmeld has another crazy evil, combo for you to check out.

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