Monday, 14 September 2015

TPA # 011: Destruction vs. Fear

Welcome to [B]Episode Eleven of The Prep Area[/B]!  Hosts RJ ([B]RJRETRO[/B]) and Patrick ([B]Shadowmeld[/B]) are back with another evil episode -- this one focusing on two team based around two MONSTERS.  Makes sense that we call this Destruction vs. Fear, hm?

"Destruction" is based around the uncommon Tarrasque from the D&D set.  Maybe you expected the common or maybe you expected the Super Rare.  Nope.

The main event team is "Fear", based around the common Parallax from the brand-new War of Light set coming out this week!

[b]Shadowmeld[/b] will also take you into his laboratory to show you another evil combo, and [b]IsaacBV[/b] returns to continue his "The Transition Zone" segment to help you become more of a competitive player.

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