Monday, 3 August 2015

TPA # 007: Bad Choices / Sidekick Control

Welcome to Episode Seven of The Prep Area!  Hosts RJ (RJRETRO) and Patrick (Shadowmeld) are here to help you annoy your opponent, and also take control of all their sidekicks.  The economy team this week is called "Bad Choices", while the main event team is entitled "Sidekick Control".  We want to help you make your opponent's brain explode after they realize regardless of what choice they make, it's one that will slowly destroy them.  In the main event, we provide a constructed team that debuts a new form of ramp -- something that might almost be as viable as PXG.

Now permanent co-host JT -- who is also the 2015 Canadian Dice Masters National Champion -- joins us to debut a Little Cup team (help us come up with a name!) based around Dragons and other stuff.  IsaacBV created his first-ever Little Cup team, and the theme this week: Illuminati!

Finally, Necromaticer takes a look at Harley Quinn from the DC set for "Off the Meta", and Shadowmeld also debuts a new segment called "Shadowmeld's Laboratory".  Finally, Dice Masters Drill Sergeant Rodd of Nor is back as a regular contributor to talk "tournament snacks".

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