Monday, 17 August 2015

TPA # 008: Six Feet Under

Welcome to Episode Eight of The Prep Area!  Hosts RJ (RJRETRO) and Patrick (Shadowmeld) are doing a special Hallowe'en episode... but not really.  The theme this week is "Six Feet Under", and our two teams involve "The Walking Dead" and "Zombie Society of America"!  Yes, we attempted to use one of the most useless affiliations in the game, and tried to make it fun.

Necromanticer joined in the fun by discussing Deadman and Black Canary during his "Off the Meta" segment, and Dice Masters Drill Sergeant Rodd of Nor wants to help you survive the zombie apocylypse.

Isaac debuts his new segment entitled "The Transition Zone" which will help you make the transition from casual to competitive, and 2015 Canadian Dice Masters National Champion JT will provide a Little Cup team he calls "Mini Masquerade".

Finally, we are excited to debut the work of the official artist of The Prep Area, Nick Sutphin!  Follow him on Twitter at @Nickbert51, or check out his Facebook here, or his Deviantart here!

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